Our Mission

Aiso was founded on the vision to offer premier, tournament-ready pickleball paddles without the premium price tag. Like many players, we began our journey with inexpensive paddles bought from Amazon, but when we aspired to take our game to the next level, we encountered an overwhelming array of options at exorbitant price points. Thus, Aiso began.

Our commitment? Ensuring that advancements in paddle technology don't remain a luxury. We plan to reinvest in research and development, aiming to consistently bring you the latest advancements at accessible prices. It's our belief that excellence shouldn't be an exclusive commodity.

But beyond technology and innovation, our heartbeat is our customers. You inspire us, motivate us, and are the very reason we're here. Delivering unparalleled customer service isn't just our promise; it's our ethos.

At Aiso, we're not just looking to be another brand on the shelf. We strive to be the people's champion, the name you trust, the paddle you recommend. 

Meet our Founders


Hey everyone, I'm Andy, the co-founder of Aiso Pickleball. Nathan and I discovered pickleball last year as we were graduating from UCSB. Go Gauchos! We were immediately hooked on the game, and it quickly became a way for us to stay connected with our friends and families.

As my Dad and I got more serious about the game, we were pretty frustrated by the prices of what were considered "top of the line" paddles. I'm personally a big believer in making pickleball more accessible to everyone, so we plan to stay true on providing you all with premium paddles at affordable price points. We want everyone to play with quality gear, so they can focus on enjoying the game with their family and friends.

I'm located in the Los Angeles area, so if you are ever at the El Monte courts, feel free to reach out!


Hey everyone, I'm Nathan, the other founder of Aiso. Last year, I moved to San Francisco and pickleball has been a great way for me to meet others in the city. Ever since I discovered the game with Andy, I have been playing constantly and I can definitely say I have caught the pickle bug!

Like Andy, I wanted to improve my game with a more consistent paddle without breaking the bank. We decided to start Aiso, because we couldn't justify spending hundreds of dollars on a paddle only for it to break down a couple months down the line. We are constantly at the courts asking others what they want to see in a paddle, so we will continue to iterate and produce paddles that meet every playstyle without the crazy price tag.

Like I mentioned before, I am in the SF area, and I regularly play at Presidio Wall, East Cut, and Louis Sutter. Always happy to let those of you interested demo our paddles!